Year of Experience 2020

Winner: Rahel Zimmermann

Description of the project awarded by the Christoph Delz Foundation 2020

AM ORT – A cycle – Rahel Zimmermann

“Am Ort” is an attempt to fuse compositions with the natural sonic identity of specific locations.

I compose and produce the pieces directly at these selected locations. They connect with the existing acoustic atmosphere, become its counterpart, its completion, a commentary. They stretch spatially into reality until they cross over into it. The place thereby composes with its acoustic identity, enriches the piece by chance and makes the listening experience a snapshot. Two sound worlds flow into each other and form a relationship – determination and chance.

Similar to me in the process of searching for a place, the audience takes a journey for the listening experience. The past of my composition process overlays the present of the performance. The actual sonic experience at the site forms the core: a contemplation and engagement with the particular environment and its acoustics.

The pieces are played through bone-sound headphones, leaving the ears free for the subtle sound elements of the environment.

In times of constant availability of music, the non-adaptability to other circumstances forms a counterbalance and holds an exclusivity: no simple consumption. No incidental consumption. The place determines the music and the music determines the place.

Projektbeschrieb (PDF)

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