The Year of Experience Scheme (Werkjahr) will enable the holder to complete a large project, most probably combined with a period of living abroad. The jury appointed by the Christoph Delz Foundation will award CHF 30,000 to be used solely for the purpose of the specified project. The jury will consist of three representatives from the Swiss music world.

Year of Experience 2023
The Christoph Delz Foundation has advertised a work year for 2023 for the tenth time since it was founded. The jury, consisting of Jocelyne Rudasigwa, Katharina Rosenberger and Johannes Schöllhorn, will give the support to the composer Léo Collin (Zurich).

• 2023 Léo Collin
• 2020 Rahel Zimmermann
• 2017 Alberto Barberis
• 2014 Keitaro Takahashi
• 2011 Isabel Klaus
• 2008 Leonardo Idrobo Arce
• 2005 Patrick Frank
• 2002 Wanja Aloë
• 1999 Nadir Vassena
• 1997 Kaspar Ewald


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